Thursday, 12 July 2012

Final Show

Plans for the Final Show:

a. Please outline your plans for what you will be showing (please give lots of details even though I know most of your ideas, with 19 students it can be difficult to remember exact details!)

 I will be making a dome shaped structure. The dimensions will be: height:140cm, base: 200cm x 200cm.

The materials for the dome/tent structure will be made using elasticated tent tubes, with a strong tarpaulin floor base with added eyelets in to secure the poles.  The white tarpaulin floor sheet will be covered by large bubbled bubble wrap which will be pre-popped. The top cover of the dome will be made using cling film and small amounts of thin blue wire to create a vein, web type effect. Along with 30 or so, 5 inch clear balloons interweaved into the mesh. Ideally I would like this placed in the middle of a slightly darkened room.

I'm aiming at everything being contained within the structure, except for a sign saying 'Enter Alone' that will be placed on the floor just outside. Inside I will be showing a video approx 10 mins in length, I was planing on using my own laptop for this but I may have to borrow a LCD screen since I'm now worried that my laptop won't last much longer.  If it does last I had planned on the laptop being opened flat out, vertically standing on a contraption that I'm in the process of  making. The keyboard will be covered which can easily be removed to access the computer - all the vents on the laptop will be left clear.  I will be using a Kensington lock to secure the laptop. The sound is quite quiet,  I was planning on using speakers for this but I will bring headphones along to experiment and see which works best in a group setting.

b. What equipment will you need (please indicate if you will be using your own equipment or if you need to borrow or hire stuff from college)

If possible could I borrow the 32inch flat  LCD screen, full HD (film work can be played from a USB stick attached direct to the screen)  I'm worried that my laptop won't last much longer a it's been having some problems lately. I would also like to borrow an extension cable and some special rubber cover to avoid trip hazard.

c. If you cannot get the exact equipment you need please suggest a basic alternative option
 I'm not sure at this point. I'm hoping that my own laptop will be OK once  reformatted, so that I won't have to borrow anything.

d. Provide some rough sketches showing your ideas:

Jonathan suggested the area marked with a red square on the third floor for my installation.  I really like this space, it's perfect.  Below is a map of the the third floor space.


Below is a photo of a maquette to give a rough idea of what the tent/dome structure will look like, along with an idea for the laptop contraption.  I may be borrowing a screen if it's available so this will look different if I do. I haven't seen the screen yet but if it's not white I would like to cover it to blend in with the tent/dome materials. 



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