Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Traveller

Since having completed the MA in Digital Arts I have decided to move to a different blog for future projects, and leave this one with my final MA show at Camberwell :-)

The Traveller is a hypothetical Artificial Intelligence Life-form, that wishes to conceptualize and explore the natural world, whilst questioning the existence of individuality within a system. The Traveller has chosen the form of a tent/dome structure for exploration. Its aspirations are to become more organic through its travels, by seeking assistance via your thoughts, as its visitor.

This installation portrays a humorous interplay between the biological and the technological, by merging both digital and sculptural realms together, suggesting metaphors and analogies regarding expressions of uncertainty and contradictions.

The Traveller


I really enjoyed setting up my installation and received so many good comments from people about my work. I now feel happy to have completed my MA project, and I'm pleased with my results and feedback which I have added to the Unit 2 Assessment page.

While the final show was taking place I also had another short video that was being shown in  the Camberwell Gallery Space.  I never actually got to see this as it was such a busy intense time which seemed to fly by so quickly.

Although I love merging both sculptural and digital realms together for the moment I feel that I want to focus mainly on video/audio.. I will set up a new blog shortly to show my latest work :-)