Unit 2 Assessment


My project proposal for MA has been to conceptualize and explore the natural world whilst questioning the existence of individuality within a system. Since exploring this subject, my work has continued to progress and develop on from the unit1 assessment

Although the concept of my project has stayed the same, there has also been major developments throughout the course, and I feel really happy with how my studio practise has evolved, which appears to have taken shape by a combination of serendipity, experimentation, and structured research methods (see below) :

During Symposium 2 I talked about the development of my studio practise. I found this to be very useful, not only to clarify my own thoughts, but to also express my thoughts to others. It was also good to receive feedback in a tutorial with Jonathan on this. Furthermore I've found it beneficial keeping a blog to express my thoughts and reflections too. I also enjoyed listening to other people's symposiums that I have found really intriguing, which has been a fun learning experience to take part in the discussions about their work, along with the weekly chats.

I've also gained more knowledge and understanding in both video effects and audio through experimentation within my studio practise, which has been an enjoyable and therapeutic process.

A very important aspect that has helped me gain more insight into how people relate to my work, has been through feedback by Quantitative and Qualitative research methods.  I noticed during contextual research from exhibition visits, that many artists were using likert style questionnaires to conduct their research. So I developed a likert style questionnaire too, and asked a selection of people if they would like to take part in my MA research. I first asked people to go to one of my blog pages titled: video for questionnaire which described the installation and asked people to imagine that they were inside a hypothetical AI Life Form, while watching the video and then to fill in this likert style questionnaire.  I was very pleased with how this turned out as I received some very interesting feedback. I then compiled a breakdown of these results which are in two parts: Part 1 and Part 2.  I found this really fascinating and have gained much information. I would now like explore these issues further within future artworks.

Setting up the installation has been fun, exciting and exhausting at the same time. While I have encountered some problems with the video quality when using the monitor, I don't feel this effects the work overall, as the fundamental concept and sculptural materials used, divert this issue. On the whole I feel really happy with the way the installation has turned out. My proposal has led me to explore some thought provoking ideas, which I feel I've succeeded in portraying within this installation. My finished artwork/statement can be viewed here.

Studying online has also been brilliant for me, due to the flexibility that I have needed. I think that my work has benefited immensely. I am now familiar with blogs, and happy to speak about my work online, along with looking forward to exploring new avenues within digital art, with the confidence gained from doing this course.

The future development of  my practice

Since starting my MA I feel that I have learnt so much, and wish to continue on this path of exploration within my artwork. While researching and writing my research paper I had begun thinking more about life, linking aspects of metaphysical/ontological inquiry, nature and chaotic systems together. I also researched a mathematician called Benoit Mandelbrot. I began looking at how natural fractals in the world form the shapes of mountains, coastlines and river basins and began comparing the structures of plants to blood vessels, lungs and placentas. I now feel a much greater connection between humans, AI's and the natural world. While I have observed and expressed these connections within my artwork visually, I would also like to begin to explore the mathematics in more detail, along with delving deeper into statistics, as I gained so much insight through my work via qualitative and quantitative research methods.

I wish to continue merging the sculptural and digital worlds together, along with exploring aspects of the biological/technological within my artwork. I want to approach galleries to see if The Traveller can visit, so that I can expand on the video and questionnaire, asking more questions to add to my research, which I would like to continue researching by studying for a PhD in the future. I would like to apply to do this within a year or two, but I feel that I need to do some short on-line courses that I have found, and are run by Coursera to explore mathematics, artificial intelligence, and experiment more with programming before I apply.

Feedback and Results.

You have created a fascinating installation that draws heavily on your research and ideas that have been consistently developed throughout the course. Your ability to manage your time and learning has meant that nothing has held you back and you have clearly gained a lot of confidence through the MA.

Your use of materials is unusual, (lace and cling film!) but you have managed to combine them to good effect. You have also learnt a lot about video and sound, and created an intimate space that draws the viewer in. There are still some small technical areas around video and sound that can improve and you should continue experimenting in this area and if you have the opportunity use some high end equipment, (camera, audio recording device etc).

It is great to see that you have also connected this practical work with some questionnaire based research and the results are fascinating. We encourage you to continue this journey and explore other exhibition opportunities and not just the obvious gallery settings, is it possible to do something like this on the beach in Brighton?! Yes there are issues with power but a small generator might do it and the possibilities might be fascinating. Whatever you decide to do you now have a solid foundation to build on and the self awareness to know how to move forward, congratulations!

Pass with Merit B+, 80%

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