Thursday, 28 June 2012


Recently I took these photos for my visual research and played around colourising them. The first one of each photo is the original and the second is the colourised version. In my previous studio practise I have colourised and used effects in most of my videos, but I'm now uncertain if I will do this for the video to be played inside the dome/tent AI  life-form.  I feel in some cases the natural effects work best, but at this point I'm still undecided. 

Next I will  do lots of experiments with video and see which works best. The final video may end up with a mixture of both, which would be quite apt since this is from the view point of an AI which is trying to understand how humans see the world, so I quite like this idea that the visuals would go in and out of phase.











Saturday, 23 June 2012

Pride of the Valley Sculpture Park

This week I visited a beautiful sculpture park called Pride of the Valley.  I last visited about seven years ago and thought it was amazing then. While I have visited other sculpture parks in the past, I think this one is my favourite due to the more natural woodland which is quite magical. This was also another reason to visit here again, so that I could also film the beautiful scenery for my visual research which I will follow up in another post.

Below are some photos that I took of my favourite sculptures. 

Pride of the Valley Sculpture Park 5

Pride of the Valley Sculpture Park 2

Pride of the Valley Sculpture Park 8

Pride of the Valley Sculpture Park 1

Pride of the Valley Sculpture Park 3

Pride of the Valley Sculpture Park 4

Pride of the Valley Sculpture Park 7

Monday, 18 June 2012


I recently made a maquette of the Dome/Tent structure AI life-form. I did actually want to remake this structure to size, and take places to film for my qualitative and quantitative research video. But, since the weather hasn't been that good I decided to make a maquette and use this image in the video for this instead.

I prefer the second image, I used the accented image feature on photoshop to get this effect.  

Maquette 1

Maquette 2

Here's another photo that I added to this post. I took it at the beach earlier today (19th June). It was hot and sunny :-)

Maquette 3

These photos will not be in my actual video inside the dome, it is just for research purposes.

Monday, 11 June 2012

James Turrell: Skyspace

James Turrell is an artist mainly known for his amazing light and space works. In the video below you can see a pre-view to Skyspace. This installation opens to the public on 14th June at Rice University

James is not really thought of as a generative artist I think this work is ultimately generative.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Project Proposal 6

I have updated my project proposal. Hopefully this will be my final version :-)
Project Proposal 4-6-2012

Friday, 1 June 2012

Trans Machine

Below I have added my dissertation on Posthumanity which I previously researched during my BA to be included into my subject research for my MA. I found this interesting to look back on since the imagined hybrid AI entity which has developed within my studio practise has some similar attributes due to its interest in organic life forms. I was thinking on opposite lines where a Transhuman thinks about transcendence to Posthuman, but instead thinking about an AI Trans-Machine, a machine interested in organic life-forms and wanting to learn more about them by adding organic elements to itself, thus transcendence to becoming Post Machine.

Posthumanity: Enhancement or Infringement?