Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Research Paper

Kay Johns Research Paper 29-11-2011

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Starlings at West Pier

Here's a video clip that I filmed today of the Starlings at West Pier. According to the Starling Trust there will be more birds arriving each day from now until December :-) click here for link to their site.

I slightly colourised the version below, but prefer the natural colours above.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Flock of birds finishing dance

Today I videoed a flock of birds dancing at West Pier in Brighton. I just happened to be there as they were finishing their dance :-)

The version below is slightly longer:

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Abstract for research paper

This is my latest abstract for my research paper.

Generative Art: Exploring how this process simulates nature, and if the method is essential to the Artist's work?  Looking a works through Joseph Nechvatal, Philip Galanter and Shardcore.

Generative art is not an art movement or ideology, it is mainly known or thought of as a process, yet artist's  utilize this method for a number of different reasons.  This paper will attempt to question and explore generative art by looking at some of the motives behind this practice.  Beginning by giving a brief exploration of generative art, before looking at how this method may simulate nature by discussing chaos theory and its relationship to specific styles using this method. Subsequently discovering if using a generative process has been essential to the meaning within the artists work, by looking at works through the featured artists via interviews collected  predominantly for this paper;  in conjunction with exploring leading writers in this field.

Although  generative art can be utilized as a process or  tool. I hope this paper will express how it can also be a fundamental element that artist's employ, thus expressing how generative methods can hold the essence and meaning within the artwork.

Generative Art, Essence, Simulation, Nature, Process, Chaos Theory.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Tutorial with Paul: Research Paper

Since my last post on the topic of my research paper, I have rewritten the abstract and started writing some of chapter one. Paul asked me about my paper and we talked for a while about generative art. He recommended that I checkout Ting Theatre of mistakes, rules and dancing.  I did a search for this afterwards and the first link that I found was an article which had some of the writing  upside down! I'm assuming this is how it was meant to be! I've never really done much reading upside down before! While some words were easy to read others were quite tricky! I was quite surprised, I didn't think it would be as I used to watch TV upside down quite a lot as a child, but I found reading quite challenging :-)  click here  for link:    Also here are some other interesting links: