Sunday, 28 November 2010

Critique 1

Here’s a short video of my critique. I have used toy characters from my previous experiment as avatars for the people in my group crit :-)

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Generated Characters (Experiment)

This is my first very basic attempt at a generated process. The characters are purely fictional and it is merely a coincidence if they bear any resemblance to the tutors and students on my course :-)
I started by finding some small toys and placed them all in a line.  I then put all the names of the tutors and students on my course  in a box, and then individually pulled one name out of the box. Each name was to given to the next toy in line. I then filmed the characters with different backgrounds. Next week I intend to generate a musical excerpt for each character.

Here’s the video of characters so far:

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Bill Viola Exhibition Feature

I found this brilliant website about Bill Viola's work. It has video clips, photos, interviews and goes into detail about the making of the work Click here

Bruce Sterling talks about Generative Art

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

On the Fabrica Workshops Website there's also a really interesting interview with Bruce Sterling by Andy Cameron Click here

White Night Festival, Brighton 2010: Antigravity.

White Night is one of my favourite free festivals in Brighton. It takes place every year at the end of October to coincide with the ending of British Summer time. At night the streets come alive with a variety of entertainment. My favourite art work this year was an installation by Brighton based artist Steve Geliot collaborating with JD Beauvallet, Andre Walker and the art department of Durrington High School.

Tilted: Antigravity.
I filmed just a few short clips of this event as it went on for hours.

When I first saw Antigravity from a distance it looked like a UFO hovering above Brighton’s City College Car Park. On closer inspection it appeared to be a huge balloon wearing a skirt, which was reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe’s iconic skirt-blowing scene in the film Seven Year Itch. The huge balloon was lifted into the air by a crane. Projected onto it appeared to be random images which danced in time with the music. As the night went on more people gathered and danced underneath. The atmosphere was quite magical and I thought this was by far the best event at the festival.

I would call the process of Antigravity to be in the field of generative art. The whole set up appeared to be a system with an autonomous factor. The balloon attached to the crane would be the controlled planned aspect. The projected images appeared to be random, but I didn't know if they were programmed to be random, or if they were on a loop. However the wind blowing both the balloon and skirt could be seen as an autonomous element, though arguably this could also be seen as an external system in place. Yet since the external system was an unknown factor (it could have been raining with no breeze) so I think this process could possibly be called generative art!

Brian Eno "77 Million Paintings"

Brian Eno talks about his artwork: 77 Million Paintings.

Part 1

Part 2

7 More Hours in 77 Million Paintings (2008.03.16) from Pitch Bend on Vimeo.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Project Proposal 2

Individualism or Mechanism?

Primary Aims

  • To create a video installation that explores the transformation of individuality within the conglomerate, by exploring the making of the work using a process called generative art.
Secondary Aims

  • To question the aspects of individualism/mechanism within my work (this may change depending on the perspective).                                                                                      

             ·      To research the methods and processes that may contribute to the making of 
           generative art.
             ·       To explore and create art using the process generative art.       


·         Generative Art encompasses any art practice where the artist creates a process. This may be in the form of natural language rules, for instance: a computer program, machine or other mechanism, which is then set in motion with some degree of autonomy that contributes to the end result

Key words:

·          Generative Art, Systems, Interconnectivity, Individuality.


My methodology for this project will be studio practice interlaced with the            following:

·         Visual Research
·         Contextual Research
·         Subject Research/Technique Research
·         Reflective Research

Visual research would consist of taking photographs/video clips and drawing.

Contextual research would be to look at key artists that relate to my project which so far are Bill Viola and Amy Stacey Curtis. Both of these artists explore issues relating to interconnectivity, natural cycles, individuality, movement and repetition. Also Brian Eno’s installation called ‘77 Million Paintings’ reflects notions of individuality and transformation within a collective. I will continue to expand upon contextual research throughout the course and contact the most prominent artist or artists that relates to my work, and ask if I can interview them. I will also visit exhibitions, galleries and museums.

Subject research would be to explore methods and practices relating to generative art. Since the subject of my question and method of making the art simultaneously will play a major part in answering my question, I will be exploring different systems and theories incorporated within generative art. I will also experiment and make my own systems that I will integrate within my studio practice.

Reflective research would consist of all the relevant information gathered to write my paper, which would then lead on to writing the reflective paper. This would contain all the information gathered from all the research sections, along with reflection on blog entries to create my artwork for the final project.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Symposium 1

Here’s a short video of my MADA project proposal. 

I knew my proposal needed refining but it wasn’t until after making this short video that it occurred to me what I needed to change.