Thursday, 26 April 2012

Display (inside the dome)

Since experimenting making the dome I have been thinking about how I am going to display the external monitor inside the dome and hide the laptop and speakers. At first I was thinking of either making a wooden unit  for everything to go inside, and either having the monitor on top of this, or make something to hide everything with the monitor enclosed inside with a cutaway to view. My main concern is that due to the nature of the lightweight fabric of the dome I feel this would not look right aesthetically, so I'm thinking of using a white stretch fabric to cover a small table and then continue with the Clingfilm web-like effect on top of this. I started experimenting with the height that I wanted the monitor to be. I used a laptop table that happens to be the right height for the monitor, see photo below:


This is also good as it has a fan underneath that would stop the laptop (below) from overheating. The laptop  would also be laid flat on a wooden board underneath the table.  However I need to camouflage everything to blend in with the dome webbing and balloons, and also to leave a way in at the front for me to access the laptop to be able to turn it on. This would be so much easier if I could have all the other equipment outside of the dome but I'm trying to save space as there will be quite a lot of us showing our work. I feel that there must be a way of doing this, I just need to experiment with some different materials.  It would also be much easier if I could access the laptop from behind but that will not be possible due to the webbing effect of the dome.

I did ponder on the idea of making another dome inside and covering with the same material but leaving a cutaway to view the monitor, with the laptop and speakers hidden in the base. I know this would take up too much room but I do like the idea of a dome within a dome  :-)

So next I'm going to do some experiments with this.....  I may be gone sometime :-)

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