Thursday, 26 May 2011

Mid Point Review Feedback

As part of the MPR the custom is to present a brief overview (5 mins) of the work so far. After that you are not allowed to speak while your work is being discussed. This was quite tricky for me :-)

I would like to say thank you to everyone that contributed in the discussion about my work. It has been brill to get such good feedback.

I have split the feedback up into three sections:

  • Questions
  • Comments
  • Suggestions/Links


Moira: I wanted to ask whether you are thinking of mixing the fire video with your initial experiments?

Kay:  I have thought about that, but my next steps are to continue filming natural generative elements  then later experiment combining them with computer generated software.

Osiris: Yes I liked the Spiro. I think that the Spirograph is fascinating because it is only possible with circular forms. Even if the result is not circular. What are your thoughts about that?

Kay: Yes I agree I think that's also fascinating too. The end result doesn't have to be circular which reminds me of this joke: What did the triangle say to the circle? You are sooooo pointless :-)  But in this case triangular shapes can be made by a circular spirograph, which  makes me think a circle is not as pointless as the triangle thinks :-)

Mariana : As Kay has demonstrated with her experiments, generative elements can be digitally manipulated to create great visuals but I wonder how is she going to use those visuals at the end?

Kay: I'm wondering the same thing Mariana :-) I haven't got a clue but I like not knowing.

Louis: Are the sounds "that individual" from one spirograph to another or the graphics effected by the choice of filters.

Kay: Yes I recorded each individual sound made by each pattern then combined them all together. The colours originally used for each pattern were chosen by a random method. I then filmed the end result of this system and then later added in the effects.


Eva: I really liked the film you made and I loved that you were struggling with not sticking with your rules.

Mariana: I like Kay’s research on generative elements, systems, interconnectivity and individuality, it opens up so many possibilities.

Moira: I am really impressed with Kay's theoretical research, and jealous of all the exhibitions she is visiting.

Osiris: I think it is a very philosophical work.

Olivia: Maybe there is a pattern within all probability?

Madeline: To me it has strong links with minimalist composers, sound structures, repeated patterns.

Louis: The fire video was simple but brilliant.

Mariana: I also like the fact that Kay is as focused on the sound as she is on the visuals because they both are a great source of work.

Moira: Yes, using the sound was a great idea.

Eva: Chance and triggering of your own memories through others. The spirogragh was a perfect interaction of old and new memories.

Mariana: I especially like the geometric patterns with great colour palettes she created with the spiral sounds.

Osiris: I understand her results correctly, up to now all existence is based on Individualism even if it comes from mechanism ? Or not?

Eva: When I was little i was always amazed at the pattern of the spirogragh as if it had never happened before as if it was by chance that this amazing pattern appeared.

Osiris: Was it clear to you all, why Kay includes Chaos Theory ?

Suggestions and links:

Madeline: I discovered an artist recently, Jack Ox, plays with structures and repetitions, influences by sound. There was also an exhibition in New York a few years ago - Radical Lace and Subversive knitting, structures created by repeated actions.

Osiris: There is always a pattern, Stephen Hawking's theory of all things!

Jedrzej: There is one artist which I will recommend for you. I remember that Phillip Glass once done an animation called Color Wheel, and it remind me a bit of what you have done with these simple shapes.

Moira: The sound reminded me of a Hafler Trio Dvd with generated sounds:  Click here

Olivia: It would be interested to see them overlapping.

Mariana: In terms of incorporating generative elements to your work I thought of some ideas: you could film oil in water, bubbles, smoke (cigarette smoke) under different lightings, drops of ink in water filmed through a fish bowl.

Monkee: I like her generative drawing by spirograph! if she can record how the lines come out, like an animation of a spirograph, it might be interesting. I know it's hard to record it without seeing the spirograph.

Mariana: Another thing you can film is a cd in a microwave here is a video on youtube you can watch later, the CD makes great visuals towards the end of the video: click here

Louis: Could this concept be applied to other subjects wind movement, shifting light/moving shadows, insect movement/swarms colonies etc.

Claire: Looking at the images on the blog reminds me of these projections: click here

Moira: I also think there are endless things you could do with the Spirograph, Processing and After Effects.

Eva:  For some reason I ended up thinking about this scene from Midnight cowboy after I looked at your presentation click here

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