Monday, 9 May 2011

And The Birds Fell From The Sky

As part of this year's Brighton Festival I first went to see an immersive video goggle performance at a venue called: The Old Market. Only two people could enter at one time and we were both fitted out with googles and earphones.

This combined both cinema and instruction based theatre to cast the audience as the main character in a wild journey to the world of the Faruk Clown. Anarchic, dreamy and dangerous, ‘And The Birds Fell From the Sky’ takes you on a joyride inside your head all the way to the edge of civilisation.

I thought this was a brilliant multi sensory experience and definitely worth checking out. I do not want to say any more at this point because it will ruin it if you thinking of going. However if you do not like surprises then click here to find out more, but I recommend that you just go and read nothing more beforehand :-)

And the Birds fell from the Sky is on every weekend until the end of the month (May 2011), at the Old Market, Upper Market Street, Hove, BN3 1AS.

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