Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Jardin Flambeau

As night fell St Ann's Well Gardens came alive transforming into a wonderful fire garden of kinetic sculptures, flaming pots and cascades of candles. I have been to an event by the French outdoor alchemists Compagnie Carabosse before, which took place on the lawn of the Tate Modern, but this was by far much bigger and better. I felt so lucky that this event was being held in my favourite local park as part of the Brighton Festival. It transformed an already beautiful place into a magical night time garden.

I filmed and also took quite a lot of photographs here. I watched the constant transformation of the flames move in random sequences not unlike waves in the ocean. I remember watching these natural elements of nature as a child for long periods. I am today still fascinated with their generative qualities.

Below are just a few photos of this event. I choose these ones because they are quite abstract and I much prefer them to the other photos that I took.  I decided that next I'm  going to use post production effects on my videos of the flames and incorporate them into my own practise for experimentation.

Jardin Flambeau

Jardin Flambeau1

Jardin Flambeau3

Jardin Flambeau2

Jardin Flambeau4

Jardin Flambeau5

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