Sunday, 12 August 2012

Breakdown from questionnaire results 1

Following on from my previous post on Feedback from questionnaire I have since composed some split pie charts to compare the results of how people considered themselves to be a individual and a concious being, to how people compared an AI to an individual and conscious being. I chose these questions to look at in more detail as these results initially sprung out at me which I found quite interesting.

 Just to recap below are the results from 26 people that took part in the questionnaire:

In Fig 1 (below) I have compiled a split pie chart breakdown. I have added the agree 38% and strongly agree 58% results together, totalling 96%. It appears that the majority of people think they are an individual, though 20% more, strongly agree than others.
Fig 1:
You are an individual?

In Fig 2 (below) I have added the disagree and strongly agreed  results together, totalling 35%. While the agree and strongly agree results combined equal 24%. The majority result is 42% which is neither agree or disagree.
Fig 2:
An AI is an individual?

The combined results of  Fig 3 (below), are 92% think they are a conscious being? 8% neither agree or disagree, 0% disagree and 0% strongly disagree. It appears most people think they are a conscious being.
Fig 3:
You are a conscious being?

While in Fig 4 (below) 47% disagree that an AI is a conscious being, 35% neither agree or disagreed,  8% strongly agreed and 11% agree equalling 19%.
Fig 4:
An AI is a conscious being?

So basically the majority of people that took part in this questionnaire think they are an individual and a conscious being?  However it was quite interesting to see the results when referring these same questions about an AI, as on the whole most people neither agree or disagreed, which I found interesting.

While it's good to see these results on a chart, I do personally think qualitative research is more fascinating as I like to know people's thoughts behind their answers.  I was so pleased that some people did  feel the need to make comments, and I hope people will also do this at the show too, which is coming up very soon. Here's a link to the MA Show

I'm so glad Data from Star Trek in the episode Measure of a Man was not on trial with these results :-) 

In my next post I will do a breakdown of the rest of the questions. 

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