Saturday, 14 January 2012

Random Thoughts and Contextual Research

I've been thinking about the breathing sounds of my friends and family that I've been recording lately.  It has been quite funny recording them, but a thought had occurred to me when I first started recording these sounds: What if someone was to die! It would be quite sad having someone's actual breathing sound, even though not really any different than having a photo or video of them talking, but to me it seems quite different.  Anyway I decided  not to think too much about the potential doom and gloom aspect of my project. Instead I thought I would do some contextual research on other artist's that have used breathing sounds.  While I haven't  found any yet using the sounds of breathing, I have found an artist that used his own breathe to blow up balloons. Here's a link to Piero Manzoni's sculpture titled: Artist's Breathe: 
While the balloon deflating, probably happened when he was alive, I found this quite sad since he is no longer alive now, but it is also so effective.

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