Sunday, 8 January 2012

Breathing Experiment

 Since just before the seasonal break I have been recording some of my family and friend's breathing sounds. I also asked a few of the same people if they could breath into balloons so that I could collect their air.

Recording the breathing sounds was obviously easy, though tricky for people not to laugh while doing this. However getting people to blow up balloons wasn't working too well. I ended up using a balloon pump to initially start, as people found this easier once the balloon was already a certain size to breathe into. But I decided that for the time being I would just blow up the balloons using a pump and then add their breathing sounds to the video.

I eventually want to experiment creating an installation by hanging lots of clear different sized balloons, with smaller balloons inside, while projecting a video containing scenes of generative elements of nature through them. Also collecting different individual breathing sounds to play randomly. Since I need quite a lot of space to do this and more balloons than I have at the moment I decided to try to create a basic simulation of this environment by videoing a few balloons and then adding some effects and a few sounds. The video clip below is my first experiment of this:

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