Monday, 5 December 2011

Robotville Festival

The Robotville Festival will celebrate the most cutting-edge in European robot design and innovation – and explore the cultural significance of robots. You can meet over 20 unique robots and their makers, who will be on hand to demonstrate their work and talk to visitors.  Robotville

At the weekend I visited Robotville held at the Science Museum in London. See video from the New Scientist Blog. While there were so many amazing robots, I found the Swarm Robots particularly fascinating. Click here for photo. The Swarm Robots can be found on the left hand side second from the bottom. I was totally gutted that I didn't take my camera. I didn't think they would allow photography, but little children were there happily snapping away :-)

The Swarm Robots had behaviour traits similar to flocking; their intention was to stay within the group even though they would sometimes get lost. Since roboticist Alan Winfield was on hand to answer questions, I asked him why were some of them getting lost? He mentioned how this group of little robots relied on light sensors as a way of communicating to keep the group together. However due to any external surrounding light they will sometimes go off track and get lost by following another light source, but they will eventually find their way back to the group.

Here's an interview with Alan Winfield about the Swarm Robots click here for link.

Also click here to view Alan's blog.

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