Monday, 15 August 2011

Tutorial with Jonathan: Research Paper Question

This tutorial was quite short due to Kevin Fox coming to chat with us which I also found really helpful. He wrote a fab paper last year, click here for link.

Today's tutorial with Jonathan focused on my research paper question and a brief abstract. I usually write this at the end, but since we were all asked to write a brief abstract, I wrote one just for the time being. My question has been in a constant state of flux lately, but I now feel much happier with my latest question to explore:

Exploring Generative Art, by looking at how this process simulates nature and if this method is essential to the meaning of the artist's work? Looking at works through Joseph Nechvatal, Philip Galanter, Shardcore and Sam Hewitt.

The term Generative art is mainly know or thought of as a process. It is not an art movement or ideology, yet it does appear to be a process that artist's use to simulate aspects of life, whether this be for metaphysical/ontological inquiry, or simply though observing and copying characteristics of nature by employing generative systems to create aesthetic patterns.

Feedback from Jonathan:
I think your latest title that you sent me is excellent, much more focused  
and manageable. As you have just been talking about with Kevin, avoid presumptions and you are doing this now, obviously your abstract will expand a bit when you have finished the paper, but overall it is looking good and I'm excited to see the outcome!   I suggest you keep the interviews short and focused, the same questions for each and record obviously. Check with each that they are happy to have the transcript included in the paper, as they have agreed to be interviewed it should be ok, but they might want to see the transcript before the submission. Although you have primary sources, remember that we are looking for at least ten citations, so you will need some other sources as well, obviously your primary interviews will be the main things, but you may find connections with other writers or theorists. Other than that, I am happy! Great well done.

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