Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Ron Arad's Curtain Call.

Last weekend I went to see Ron Arad's Curtain Call click here. Several artist's also created films specifically  to be projected for this environment.

The installation consisted of lots of individual translucent filaments that were hung next to each other to create a huge circle. Films were projected onto the filaments, which could be viewed  from both inside, and outside the circle.  As visitors walked through the filaments to enter the circle, they temporarily became part of the projected image.

When I first entered, I sat more or less in the middle of the circle. To my left side of the circle was a projection of an audience, on the other side was a projection of a  matador getting dressed for a bull fight. While I had read about some of the artists and projections beforehand, I knew straight away that this wasn't one of them.  I'm totally opposed to animal cruelty, so initially I felt uneasy about this. After the matador finished getting dressed, he smoked a cigarette rather shakily. Suddenly loud sounds of the bull could be heard. I could feel the the creature's distressed emotions piecing through my body! Yet no image of a bull was shown. Upon realising that I was the bull in the bullring I felt very scared, and knew I was going to be killed.

I thought this was a really effective interactive way for people to empathise and put themselves in the position of the bull. This was by Ori Gersht.

One of films that I had read about previously expressed a dreamlike situation which was by SDNA. I particularly wanted to experience this. Instead of walking through a forest. I felt like a forest was walking through me. This was quite surreal and I really enjoyed this experience.

While there were many amazing projections,  my favourites were the two that I have mentioned, one being very sad and the other a rather dreamlike and surreal experience.

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