Monday, 11 April 2011

Reflections on my studio practise so far.

After experimenting with a generative art process I noticed that this wasn’t exactly working. I really wanted to make art using this method. I found it totally fascinating to not know the outcome and have that level of autonomy in my work. Also the work of generative artists has been extremely inspirational, and I really wanted to experiment with this process too. I really enjoyed making up simple rules to follow, it was fun but upon reaching the end result of those rules I would deliberately break them by my own intervention. The question here is, why have I been making up my own rules to break? I even liked the end result of these experiments but I just felt that I needed to make changes! I just didn’t feel content to let my artwork unfold in this way. Why did I feel like this? I reverted back to the question of my project: Existence: Individualism or Mechanism? Well I think this is what happened, when rules are implemented, even if they are your own rules they become part of a system. Somehow I felt that my individuality to create something had become lost in this system, even though I created the system to begin with!

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