Saturday, 10 March 2012

Yayoi Kusama Retrospective at the Tate Modern 2012

Yayoi Kusama is mainly know for her repeated polka-dot patterns which I have seen before, so I found it really interesting to see her other styles of work at the Tate Modern 

The video below shows clips from a selection of the exhibition:

The next video is a clip from the Infinity Mirrored Room which was my favourite part of the exhibition.This room was filled with mirrors and lit by hundreds of LED lights which were hanging at various lengths. It looked so amazing seeing all these individual lights and their reflections changing colour. There was a set pathway for viewers to walk through. On each side of the walkway laid approximately 2 inches of water which also reflected the lights in a different way to the mirrored walls and ceiling.

While this was my favourite part of the exhibition I also enjoyed seeing some of the paintings too. One painting in particular had such an emotional effect on me that I felt quite tearful but I couldn't explain why. I like it when art can have a direct effect, it doesn't happen to me very often. It feels similar to experiencing a spontaneous emotion, which I have also experienced before while having acupuncture. It seems that when certain places in the body are pieced it can cause an emotional direct response. Acupuncturist's know where these points are in the body, but I find it interesting that this also can happen to me when I see a combination of colours and shapes in a painting that can be totally abstract and I have no prior knowledge about the painting either. I would actually like to find out more about why this happens....

Even though the videos above look fab, I think you really need to be there to appreciate it properly :-)

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