Thursday, 7 July 2011

Group Tutorial (suggestions that I made).

Some suggestions that I made in a group tutorial:

Eduardo Kac's: Teleporting an unknown state

I thought you may find this interesting to watch. It's a narrative video art piece created for the song Kotzebue performed by musical artist Cassis Orange:

Have you seen Joseph Kosuth's:  Clock (one and five)?
Clock (one and five)  Here he tries to communicate in different ways, using appropriation in different modes of representation, possibly trying to express a universal truth. What I found interesting about this personally is that if doesn't matter how many examples and definitions that are used to describe a clock, no one will ever be able to see time itself. Here's some links:

Have you seen Stephen King's film The Langoliers?
If you haven't I think you may find it interesting. A group of people get stuck in the past, only in this case, the past does not exist, well not for very long.  The Langoliers  are thought to be the timekeepers of eternity and their job is to eat the past. Here's a link to a trailer:


Interesting article:
Talk on Ayahuasca by  Alex Grey:
Interview with Alex Grey:
You've probably have seen this but just in case you haven't:

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