Thursday, 30 June 2011

Tutorials (Group)

This week's chat session from earlier this week consisted of group tutorials. The tutorials were based on our current theoretical studies. Below is a recap on what I've been doing:

Recently I've been looking at artist's Shardcore and Sam Hewitt. I went to an exhibition by them called The Consciousness Engine where Shardcore was invigilating at the time. I had a chat with him and asked if I could I could interview him at some point and he said sure. He  invited me to a talk that him and Sam Hewitt were doing about consciousness, which I went to. I've also just started reading a book called Emergence by Steven Johnson, which so far has talked quite a lot about self organisation.  I also watched a programme  about the mathematical  ideas of Alan Turing, for instance how he  used mathematical equations to explain and predict emergence of the life-like organisation of chemicals, and how the Russian Chemist  Boris Belousov's  work initiated the field of modern nonlinear chemical dynamics. I found this fascinating that these guys never met yet the mathematics of Alan Turing's equations explained how the  experiments of Boris Belousov's nonlinear chemical experiments behaved.

I will also be looking more into Dadaism since chance and nonsensical were key elements to their philosophy.

Feedback ideas:

Moira suggested that I look at Woody Vasulka.

Osiris suggested that I look at two artist's:
1, Naum Gabo
2, Sigmar Polke's chemical paintings, who also is Osiris's step father :-)

Jonathan found an interesting link for me to read on Steven Johnson: click here

Comments from Jonathan:

Kay, I think you have done some excellent research there, and you have lots to explore, the issue will be focusing it all down to something quite controlled using specific artists work is always a good idea and sometimes good to compare it to other work that is broadly similar but maybe comes from a slightly different angle.

Thanks, I will checkout out links and suggestions and write some more here later, cheers K.

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