Saturday, 19 February 2011

Tutorial with Andy on the 31/1/2011

In this tutorial my main concerns were and still are to update my project proposal regarding my qualitative/quantitative research approach. I suggested that for my qualitative research I would email a questionnaire out to people and ask three questions after each experiment, and after a series of experiments I would ask between 7 and 10 questions, repeating the first three questions to see if any changes to these answers occurred. I now feel that this may possibly be too much, and I have decided to only send out one questionnaire after a series of experiments regarding my studio work. Ideally I would like between 10 or 20 of my peers to answer the questionnaire.  I’m unsure at this point how often the questionnaire will need to be sent out, but my first questionnaire will  be after I’ve completed a series of the spirograph visual/sound experiments seen previously on this blog.  I have started to make videos of each experiment so that the experiments can be repeated. Click here to view my 1st video record. It’s the Third video on this page called video log.

Andy’s comments
  • Try to be more specific in descriptions / questions for questionnaire.
  •  Remember to only describe questionnaire volunteers as peers or contemporaries.
  • May need to define the term individualism in opening description of my aims, but over time that may get defined through my practice.
  • Blog great, excellent work to date.

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