Sunday, 23 January 2011

Exploring the sounds and visual effects of spirographs together.

This is an experiment recording each individual sound/pattern of a spirograph. The project involved first picking a random spirograph plate, then drawing each of the possible spirograph patterns on that plate using randomly selected coloured pens. First I had the system (1) the spirograph pattern. I also had the random elements (2) the choice of spirograph plate & the choice of coloured pens used. I filmed as I created 13 different spirograph patterns using various coloured pens & then extracted the 13 different audio recordings from those recordings. I then created a ‘sound collage’ by combining the sounds of the 13 different audio tracks. To this I added the visual effects which were accidentally created by zooming the camcorder onto the drawing which naturally created the movement. I had no idea this would happen and it was quite interesting to observe the effects of the zoom lens on the static drawing.

Changing Contrast:

I am quite pleased with the outcome of this experiment. I found bringing all the patterns/sounds together expresses a rather stressful emotion overall. Whilst the colours are very calming and the individual patterns are very pretty, the overlaying of all the patterns/sounds within the spirograph are quite stressful. The movement is reminiscent of a heartbeat trapped within a system which is articulated by the merging of the visual/ sound and movement creating a disturbing yet contradictory effect against the visuals of the calming colours. I found the outcome to be quite weird as this is very similar to previous work where I deliberately set out to create similar contradictory emotions. Yet with this I had no idea of the outcome.

This is a record of the method I used for this experiment:

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