Sunday, 5 December 2010

Discussing Project Proposals

This week we mainly talked about project proposals and blogs. Andy recommended two sites to view.The first link gives advice on academic skills and time management etc. Click Here

The second link explains how to define a research investigation : Click Here

I have also been looking at MADA blogs from previous students. Jonathan recommended these a while back and they are both really good:

Last week I ordered a book called: Getting started with Processing by Casey Reas and Ben Fry. It hasn’t arrived yet, but hopefully now that the snow has thawed it will turn up soon. During the chat session Osiris mentioned that he thought it would be possible to learn Processing in approximately 2 months. I was really pleased to hear this. Andy also mentioned that Processing is actually a Java based programme – it uses the Java runtime engine on the PC. Plus I found out that OOP stands for Object Oriented Programming: Click Here

In addition I got some feedback about my Generative Characters and Critique Videos from the group. All was good. This was a relief as I was slightly concerned someone may be offended :-)

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