Monday, 18 October 2010

Project Proposal 1

Individualism or Mechanism?
My aims for this project are to create a video installation that explores the transformation of individuality within the conglomerate. I am also interested in how the notion of individualism prevails within a system? Key words and interests lie in: transformation, interconnectivity, natural cycles, juxtaposition, cityscapes and reflections. This work would consist of a digital video projection installation. I would like to experiment making a 2d video collage which would then be projected onto a 3d sculptural form.

My methodology for this project will be studio practice interlaced with the following:

• Visual research 
• Contextual research 
• Subject research 
• Technique research
• Reflective research

Visual research would consist of taking photographs/video clips and drawing.

Contextual research would be to look at key artists that relate to my project which so far are Bill Viola and Amy Stacey Curtis. Both of these artists explore issues relating to interconnectivity, natural cycles, individuality, movement and repetition. Also Brian Eno’s installation called ‘77 Million Paintings’ reflects notions of individuality and transformation within a collective. I will continue to expand upon contextual research throughout the course and contact the most prominent artist or artists that relates to my work, and ask if I can interview them. I will also visit exhibitions, galleries and museums.

Subject research would be to explore certain aspects of sociology by looking at individuality and societal structures and how they may reflect within the natural environment. This would also contain looking at some of the cultural and technological developments in contemporary society and how this affects the individual. I also will be exploring earth sciences by looking at repetitively, transformations, systems and natural cycles.

Technique research would include exploring new techniques within editing software, use of lighting effects and using new software and programmes.

Reflective research would consist of all the relevant information gathered to write my paper, which would then lead on to writing the reflective paper. This would contain all the information gathered from all the research sections, along with reflection on blog entries to create my artwork for the final project. 

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