Sunday, 9 October 2011

Random Thoughts

I haven't started writing my paper yet, must admit I've been slightly side tracked lately. I've been reading various books kind of linked to my subject. Just recently I found myself reading a book about chaos theory and intoxication that left my thoughts pondering about RNA and DNA. Which came first? Could they both have emerged at the same time even? This somehow got me thinking about the isomorphs in the film Tron Legacy. I loved the idea of the isomorphs existence, they were unique and generated naturally out of the digital world of Flynn's creation, but did Clu hunt them down deliberately to leave one, knowing Flynn would protect her? Ouorra was the last remaining isomorph and later on in the film she got captured by Clu and he didn't kill her immediately, Why? Well the first time I watched this I assumed it was because he could use her to lure Flynn, but upon thinking about this again. I thought that Clu could have disguised himself, or imprinted himself inside Quorra to get out of the portal and it was all a cunning plan. Well this may not seem like it has much to do with my essay having different ideas to the ending of Tron Legacy and thinking about DNA, etc but somehow it has aided my focus, and I feel nearly ready to start writing soon :-)

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