Saturday, 1 October 2011

Data is Nature

Last night I went to see Data is Nature at the Pavilion Theatre. This was curated by Lighthouse to mark the end of this year's Brighton Digital Festival.

This brilliant line-up of audio-visual performers translate nature into immersive digital experiences. Data is Nature features the Brighton premiere of Natures by renowned musician Mira Calix and visual artist Quayola. In this performance, the organic behaviours of plants become part of an audio-visual world where the natural and the artificial coexist harmoniously. 

Data is Nature also includes Paul Prudence, a London-based musician and visual artist, known for his stunning audio-visual performances, which use data visualisation and generative techniques to give us striking new views of nature. Lighthouse

While I found Mira Calix and Quayola's performance to be intriguing, this definitely didn't express to me a harmonious link between the natural and the artificial coexisting.  From this performance I only felt the tension between the two, but having said that this was about exploring new way of seeing things.

Click here for link to Paul Prudence's blog, it's very interesting :-)

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