Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Abstract for research paper

Generative Art: Exploring  how this process simulates nature, and if this method is essential to the meaning of the artist's work? Looking at works through Joseph Nechvatal, Philip Galanter, Shardcore and Sam Hewitt.


This paper will be looking at a brief history of Generative Art, and some of the various methods.  The main areas of focus will be exploring how this process simulates nature by discussing chaos theory and its relationship to specific styles using this approach. Along with discovering if using a generative process has been essential to the meaning within the artists work? Looking at works through the featured artists and theorists, via interviews collected by the author predominantly for this paper; in conjunction with exploring ideas by leading writers in this field.

While  generative art can be utilized as a process or  tool. I hope this paper will express how it can also be a fundamental element that artist's employ, thus expressing how generative methods can hold the essence and meaning within the artwork.

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