Sunday, 5 August 2012

Studio Practise

This week I have been video editing and experimenting with audio sounds. I cleaned up the background sound on the breathing sounds that I had collected along with adding a very subtle effect to these, which now adds a slightly more eerie feel to the sound.

 I decided to make two short videos to view inside the AI tent/dome structure which combined are approx  four and a half minutes in length. I had planned on making three videos but I decided against this, mainly due to only one person being able to watch at one time.  So I began thinking that a shorter video would a better option.
Yesterday I hand sewed the bubblewrap floor base to the tarpaulin base of the tent/dome structure using transparent thread. I decided against machine sewing, as from previous experiments my machine did not seem to work very well using transparent nylon thread.

While I had previously popped each individual bubble on the bubblewrap floor base to stop it from making lots of noise when entering, this however still made random popping sounds when walking over. I found this really interesting that some of the bubbles had filled with air again even though they had been pre- popped. This actually works really well with the concept of some of the questions asked within the video too, so I now feel happy if this happens when visitors walk inside :-)

I also started to think about making something to sit on inside while watching the video. I then thought of a inflatable cushion or small seat. I found an inflatable Bubble Chair which I thought might work inside, but unfortunately the dimensions were far too big, so I decided to make a flat cushion instead. I choose a white satin fabric due to the appearance of its soft ephemeral nature, and the weaving technique of the fabric.

I now need to find out more about the screen that I may be able to use inside, because if it doesn't fit in with the colour scheme I will need to cover the frame of the screen. I may also need to make a low plinth for this too, but this will depend on the size of the stand the screen is on which I don't know yet, so I will have to think about this later on when I have more info.

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