Thursday, 9 August 2012

Studio Practise - Plinth and Cushion

Since my last post Jonathan has kindly sent me a link to the screen that I can borrow. This has been great to see the details. There is also an online manual so I have been able to lookup which format to render my video in beforehand, so can test this when I go in next.

Originally I was hoping the screen that I was borrowing would be white to blend in with the colour scheme, but since it's black I first thought about covering the screen using fabric. I have tried some experiments covering the frame of my computer monitor at home, but I won't really know until I experiment with the actual screen whether this will look neat enough to display. Due to not knowing I have thought of a contingency plan which I feel has actually worked in favour of the installation. I have now decided to go for black and white colour scheme inside the tent which also gives a sense of balance to the installation. Even though I had previously made a white satin cushion for inside the tent, I now needed to rethink about about the materials again. I really wanted the plinth and cushion to match to give a sense of connectivity when the visitor sits on the cushion.  I have since made a black and white round cushion and have recycled a big round cable reel for the plinth. I covered the plinth and cushion in the same fabrics using a black velvety fabric and a white flowery cotton/polyester lace. The diameters of the cushion and plinth are the same (48 cm), see photo below:

Inside the tent/dome

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