Friday, 20 July 2012

Video for questionnaire

I have emailed a selection of people some questions to gather more information for my qualitative and quantitative research.

I have only told them limited information which follows:

In my MA show you will be entering a hypothetical AI hybrid life-form, it is known as 'The Traveller'.  'The Traveller' wishes to explore and learn about the natural world and its inhabitants.

The Traveller

The photo above is a maquette of the AI life-form, you will have to imagine this to size. The actual size will be 200cm x 200cm height: 140 cm.  The materials for the dome will be made using elasticated tent tubes, a tarpaulin floor base with added eyelets in to secure the poles.  The white tarpaulin floor sheet will be covered by large bubbled bubble wrap which will be pre-popped. The top cover of the dome will be made using cling film and small amounts of thin blue wire to create a vein, web type effect. Along with 30 or so, 5 inch clear balloons interweaved into the mesh.

Upon entering you will see a sign on the floor saying 'Enter Alone'. Once inside, imagine sitting in this space. You will see a screen is in front of you where you can watch two short videos.This will be accompanied by hearing various individual breathing sounds of which some of the individual's air will be inside the balloons woven into the mesh.

The video below is just one of the videos. Please watch this and then answer the questionnaire. Remember your thoughts are important  :-)

Below is a copy of the questionnaire, if you want to take part in my research (and I haven't emailed you), please click here for the interactive form. Please do not click the buttons below this is just to show the questions.

Existence: Individualism or Mechanism?

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