Sunday, 18 March 2012

Bubble Dome

For my final show I would like to make a Dome where viewers can encounter an immersive experience. I am thinking of making a dome tent out of a combination of recycled polythene and two different sized bubblewraps. The dimensions will be approximately 180cm x 180cm, height:140cm.  I'm aiming at everything being contained within this space: hidden laptop with a flat external monitor in one unit (no design for this yet). The construction and materials for the dome will be made using elasticated tent tubes, recycled polythene and two different sizes of bubblewrap. To make this I am planning on using a clear polythene sheet as a base with a layer of the small bubblewrap design sewn onto this. Each corner will have eyelets for the attachment of the tent tubes. The larger bubbled bubblewrap design will be used for the top cover. This will be made in sections and sewn using clear thread. A section will be left for the entrance. I will take a pattern of this using old newspapers first to get the measurements and then cut the bubblewrap and sew. A fab tip for machine sewing Plastic and PVC is to sprinkle talc onto the fabric beforehand to stop the fabric sticking.  I've never actually sewn bubblewrap before so hopefully it will be similar only with added sound effects :-)

While the actual making of the dome will take a while, once it has been made it will be very easy to set up and lightweight to transport.

My main concern is whether this dome will be too big to have for the show. I don't think it will but if it is I can always do this somewhere else and film.

I took the photo below using an old tent cover on the ground just to give me an idea of the dimensions :-)


Next I will have to go shopping for some eyelets, bubblewrap, clear thread, and some white paint to paint the poles.

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