Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Balloon & Breathing Experiment

For this experiment I used a previous video that I filmed of drift-line sand patterns which I left running on a loop on my monitor. I then set up 4  canvases around the monitor and placed a collection of clear balloons in front of the screen, and then pointed a hair-dryer to aid movement of the balloons while filming this.  I then added some effects and used the breathing sound of my nephew for the sound.

The first video below is a very short video clip.  The second video is double the length of the first as I used the original previous clip and copy and pasted it on the same track, but reversed this section to see how the video would flow.  I left the breathing sound the same.

I also discovered a quick way of blowing up balloons. If you go onto some of the balloon sites online, they suggest buying an electric balloon pump which cost about £58. This may be worth it if you intend to blow up a lot of balloons. If you don't need that many, then just use an ordinary hand pump for the initial burst, then quickly attach the balloon to a cheap electric pump to do the rest. These cost around £6 to buy and they are also great for blowing up kids paddling pools and air beds etc.

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