Thursday, 21 July 2011

Research Paper Question

This week I've mainly been thinking about the question of my research paper.  I had a crit about this with the group a little while ago and since this time it has been bugging me. Finally today I got to the nitty gritty of what I want to explore in this paper. Here's my question:

Generative Art:  Process or Message?
Exploring why artists Joseph Nechvatal, Philip Galanter, Shardcore and Sam Hewitt employ generative systems?

For this paper I want to research why these artists use the process know as generative art? I will argue  that generative art is not just a process for the making of art. There is a reason why most artists employ this method and I think that this process is connected to the message within their art. 

I will only be researching these three artists. Two of them have agreed to be interviewed already so that's cool. I haven't asked Joseph Nechvatal yet but I'm sure he won't mind. Positive thinking there :-)

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