Thursday, 16 June 2011

RIP: A Remix Manifesto

To be honest I haven't given copyrighting or remixing much thought until I watched RIP: A Remix Manifesto click here to view trailer. You can pay whatever amount you choose (or nothing) to watch this film. It's a real eye opener into how corrupt the issues of copyrighting have become.  Over the years Copyrighting has been manipulated for profit by big corporations and has nothing to do with what is fair.  These laws are stifling knowledge and creativity and are out of touch with today's society.

If you are a musician and think that you have never remixed anything, then think again. How did you learn. Was it by ear or was it by learning music? Either way you have learnt from other people's knowledge. Even when you make up a riff, it's all based on your understanding of this knowledge.  Is this remixing and should you be sued for copyrighting?  No, of course not, no one would ever learn anything. So why is remixing thought of as so wrong? This film explains this and they recommend people watch it and have fun remixing the film too.

Below is just a little clip of my attempt at remixing this film :-)

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