Sunday, 27 February 2011

Spirograph Pattern and Sound Experiment (last two plates).

Since my spirograph set consisted of 4 different coloured plates, I decided to draw and record all the plates using the same method that I had previously used. To view method, it's the third video on the post called: Exploring the sounds and visual effects of spirographs together click here to watch.  I have only made a video log showing  the first spirograph plate (purple), since I have also used this initial starter method for all the  other plates. To recap on this, the first plate (purple) had 13 individual patterns and sounds.  The second plate (yellow) had 19 individual patterns and sounds. 

Below is the third plate (blue) which has 11 individual patterns and sounds:

 See below for the final plate in this set (green), it has 13 individual patterns and sounds.

Next I plan to use post production effects and experiment with all the patterns and sounds of the plates combined.

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